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    Walk Around Magic

    Walk Around Magic let’s you entertain a large group of people without a stage. It’s ideal for cocktail parties, banquets and receptions – anywhere a formal show isn’t feasible. The Magician will mingle with your guests while performing amazing sleight-of-hand. The Magician will break the ice among those guests who perhaps are only meeting for the first time. He circulates through the groups of people, entertaining and bringing them together by performing astonishing magic and mind reading miracles. You’ll hear laughter and gasps of astonishment.


    The Grand Wedding Show

    What better way to conclude the wedding than with The Grand Wedding Show, performed either during the meal or after dessert. There is immense audience participation and the magician will leave you and your guests in awe and wonder at the mind boggling skills on display. This lighthearted yet fun show will astound your guests and leave a lasting impression for years to come. The show is family friendly and can be enjoyed by all the guests. For an even grander experience the show may include multiple magicians. The show may be customised to include elements that are near and dear to the bridal couple.

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