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    Urban Shaman is what is going to remove the mundane from your life and make you feel like the world is amazing again.


    We grew up watching some of the best magicians in the world on television. Who can forget seeing David Blaine levitate in the middle of the street or Criss Angel walking on water or Penn & Teller catching bullets with their teeth. And all we could do then was imagine what it would be like to watch this live. That is what gave birth to Urban Shaman. Our goal - to bring international quality magic to India. So we started working with some of the top Magicians, Illusionists and Mentalists from across the globe.


    We soon realised that besides magic there were many other unusual performing arts that were neglected. So we broadened our scope to include these arts as well. Each and every one of the Artists we represent have their own unique act and are constantly innovating and creating new acts, so much so that each interaction with them is even more breathtaking than the last one.


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