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Let The Beer Games Begin

The Aqaba Oktoberfest
Aqaba is a great new place located at Peninsula Business Park, Lower Parel. It is named after the coastal city of Jordan, Aqaba. It consists of both an indoor Restaurant and an outdoor lawn and measures 20,000 sq. ft. It serves an eclectic mix of dishes from across the Middle East and Mediterranean.
The Aqaba Oktobesfest showcased 50 varieties of beer from across the globe. including craft beers from White Owl and Gateway along with imports from Portugal, Estonia, Belgium, Italy and of course, Germany. The food included Bavarian specialities like Sausages and Sauerkraut, Beer Mac ‘n ‘Cheese along with all-time favorites including pizzas, burgers, hot dogs, grills, shawarmas, etc. For dessert there was a sundae counter and freshly baked waffles. Yumm!
We had a great time performing and even joined in the festivities. After sampling a few of the beer the games really began. Ian and Azhar carried on their rivalry to the battle field of the drinking games. After an hour and a lot of trash talk the guys were tied at 1-1. Ian won Beer Pong while Azhar won the Giant Jenga (the pieces were the size of bricks).  
The toughest task for us was the exit. Ian was just have too much fun creating bubbles. He only agreed to leave with us after we promised him that we would get a similar bubble making contraption for our Office. 
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