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Drawing Room Deceptions and a few Women who are still School Girls at heart

Drawing Room Deceptions - Opening Show

We had a great time, creating and performing Drawing Room Deceptions. It was a roller-coaster month as we had to create and execute the show from scratch. The pre event publicity was a blast as we had radio interviews, newspaper interviews, etc.. Got great feedback about the show. We are now working on making the show even better. It will be back in a month or two at a different venue.

St. Joseph's High School - High Tea

We were invited to perform a Magic act at St. Joseph's High School. The occasion was a High Tea organised by the Ex students of the school in order to commemorate Teachers Day. We forewent the usual stage that they had and instead went into the audience to perform. We had initially expected sceptical grown up women but instead what confronted us was a very friendly easy going group The true Josephine spirit still resounded in them. They thoroughly enjoyed the Magic and got completely engrossed in the act. After we were done it was now our turn for some fun. We enjoyed the rest of the program and used the influence that we had in the organising committee to get a second round of those delicious cupcakes.

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