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    Our magicians are unlike all those you've seen before and grown cynical about. Going way beyond mere party tricks, the word ‘impossible’ is not in our dictionary. We will make you second guess everything you ever thought you knew about truth, reality and the laws of physics.


    Our acts include making objects disappear and reappear in surprising (and sometimes awkward) places, reading what’s in your mind and bring it to life in front of you, picking things out of the air, bending and moving right through seemingly solid objects, multiplying objects without touching them and more – all with a snap of a finger. Completely everyday items like playing cards, coins, sponge balls, rubber bands, rings and even headphones become magical in our hands.


    So hire us for your show or come see one of ours. We promise you won’t be disappointed. Click on the image to learn more about the magician.

    Abhishek Majithia - Magician - India

    Abhishek Majithia


    Ashish Pandey - Magician - India

    Ashish Pandey


    Ian Fernandes - Magician - India

    Ian Fernandes


    Manas Tayal - Magician - India

    Manas Tayal


    Pankaj Gonbare - Magician - India

    Pankaj Gonbare


    Sai Gopal - Magician - India

    Sai Gopal


    Alain Nu - Magician - USA

    Alain Nu


    Brendan Rodrigues - Magician - UK

    Brendan Rodrigues


    Caroline Ravn - Magician - Sweden

    Caroline Ravn


    Kyle Marlett - Magician - USA

    Kyle Marlett


    Mahdi Gilbert - Magician - USA

    Mahdi Gilbert


    Sean Bott - Magician - USA

    Sean Bott


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